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3 Signs your Septic Tank Needs Service

Are you experiencing any of these septic symptoms?

1. Slow running toilets and drains

Whether seasonally or year-round, slow drains are an indication your septic system cannot accept wastewater as fast as you are attempting to send it. Once wastewater makes it to the septic tank, it is filtered through an outlet pipe leading to your drain field. Over the lifetime of your septic system, the drainage process slows down and will cause the tank to back up. That back up will lead to slow, gargling drain in your kitchen and bathroom. Having the tank pumped is the first step in determining a long-term solution.

2. Wet or soggy spots in the yard

Depending on the layout and depth of your septic system, a backup problem can sometimes first be spotted when water “breaks out” onto the ground near your septic tank or septic drain field. If you suspect this to be happening at your home- we recommend calling for a septic cleaning immediately. In this situation, you have the possibility of kids and pets being in direct contact with wastewater. Again, pumping tank is the first step in determining a long-term solution.

When you schedule your tank cleaning with Bolton Septic, we make sure to answer all your questions and address any concerns up front. We take extreme care to treat your yard, landscaping & driveway as if it were our own. We will meet you at your home and explain the septic cleaning process at the time of service (if interested). If you’d prefer we handle it 100% while you’re at work… we can explain the process over the phone and take care of it while you’re out. Either way, our goal is to make cleaning your septic tank as easy and painless as possible.

3. Your last date of service was more than 3 years ago.

Septic systems generally do not show symptoms until a septic problem has already caused damage. SO DON’T WAIT!! Regularly scheduled service every 1 to 3 years is the best way to keep your system working properly. As well, the service technician can inspect the system while they are cleaning it. Often, technicians can detect and correct simple problems before they become larger, more expensive issues. As the adage goes “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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We would welcome the opportunity to schedule a septic cleaning at your home. While we are there we will inspect all visible system components and offer suggestions to improve function and life expectancy of your septic system. Call us today!

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With over 50 years of experience, Bolton Septic Service is proud to service Southeast Michigan including Oakland, Wayne, Washtenaw & Livingston Counties.

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